We have a regular weekly Yoga for Emotional Balance class on our schedule with Sara Irons Mondays at 8:30pm.  Regular class passes apply.  

This class is for anyone who has experienced stress, anxiety, and depression.  The restorative poses and breath work offered in the class are designed to bring you into your body, relax the mind, and reestablish the mind/body/breath connection that is often disrupted by intense emotions.  

It is accessible to all levels and all ages. It is the perfect opportunity to get to know yourself better in a safe and welcoming environment.  Comfy clothes, blankets, and eye pillows are encouraged.

Sara has two Workshops related to Yoga for Emotional Balance coming up this spring.  Please see posters below.  Both can be purchased through the Ivy Yoga House app or Mindbody Client Login Website or by calling the studio.