What to expect....

If you have any questions prior to your first class, and after reading the following, please feel free to email, phone or text prior to your arrival. Our mission is to ensure everyone feels comfortable from the minute you enter the studio.

Arrive EarlyPlease arrive 15 minutes before class time to get signed in and settled.  The studio will be open 30 minutes prior to each class.

Late Entry:  We do not allow late entry to any classes or workshops.  To ensure everyone is ready for their practice, please make your way to your mat, sitting or lying, when the instructor arrives in the room.

Belongings: Remove your shoes at the door.  Your belongings can be placed in a cubby/shelving unit in reception or brought into the yoga room with you.

Turn Phones/Watches Off:. Remember to turn all devices; phones and watches, to sleep mode, airplane mode, or off completely.  Turning your device to vibrate is disruptive, please make sure it is off.

Place Your Mat:  Find a spot for yourself, grab any props you might want/need, and make yourself at home. Your instructor may tell you what to get as you sign in or grab what they have set up on their mat.  Props will be on shelves in the yoga room.  Use whatever you would like, feel free to experiment with props you’ve never used.

Washrooms/Shower: You will find three unisex washrooms just outside of the yoga room with a shower in one of them for all members’ use.

Now what? You may choose to sit or lay on your mat and stretch a bit, you might want to catch up with friends or familiar faces, you may want to lay still on your mat with your eyes closed and begin quieting the mind and resting the body in preparation for the class. If you see someone resting quietly, and you’ve chosen to visit, please be respectful and keep the visiting to a whisper, one day it might be you wanting that quiet space to rest before class.

Savasana:  the final resting pose, corpse pose. It’s simply lying on your back on your mat for however many minutes your instructor has planned. It is often suggested that savasana be a minimum of 7 minutes, but may only be 2-3 minutes, depending on the instructor, the flow of the class, etc. Your instructor will guide you into this pose just the same as any other pose, helping to relax the body, and quiet the mind if you choose. This has been said to be one of the most difficult poses, lying in stillness, quieting the busy human brain. We ask that you stay for all savasanas, it is not optional unless there is an emergent reason why you must leave prior to the start of savasana. Your instructor will either guide you back to a seated position to close the class, or may leave you in savasana, close the class, and exit the room allowing you to get up and exit when you choose. This will be explained each class.

Cancellations/Failure to Attend

Regularly Scheduled Yoga Classes/Workshops: Every effort should be made to cancel from a class a minimum 60 minutes before the start of the class. Online withdrawals from registered yoga classes without 1 hour notice, or a failure to attend a class when signed up, may be subject to a class pass or $8 cancellation fee.  
Enrolments/Programs: Cancellation or withdrawal from an entire enrolment or program must be made 48 hours prior to the first class in the enrolment/program to be eligible for a refund.