Restorative Yoga is one of the most powerful tools you can add to your teaching repertoire and to your life for personal wellbeing.

You will learn invaluable and life-giving lessons that help induce relaxation and reduce stress for yourself and others. You might be a certified yoga teacher, health practitioner, or someone who wants to experience the profound effects of relaxation and learn how to self-regulate the nervous system.


No teaching experience required. This training is open to all with an interest in the practice of restoration
and slowing things down.


This course offers you:

– Roots of Restorative Yoga

– Pillars of Restorative Yoga

– Anatomy and benefits of relaxation

– Deep dive into the nervous system

– Your brain on Restorative Yoga

– The 5 Koshas

– Benefits and creative use of props

– Basic restorative yoga postures

– Sequencing a restorative yoga class

– Differences between restorative and other relaxing practices

– Communication and voice activation

– Energetics and holding space for others

– Live practices (inc. restorative yoga, yoga nidra, meditation)

– Integrating homework from June to September

– Ivy Yoga House passes to restorative yoga classes included

– Final project for certification

– Manual included

– 30 CEUs and certificate




June 23rd 5-7pm 
Saturday 24th 1:45-6:45pm 
Sunday 25th 11:30am-5:30pm
Between June 26-September 7
Must attend at least 4 in-person restorative yoga classes
Friday 8th 5-7pm
Saturday 9th 1:45-6:45pm
Sunday 10th 11:30-6pm
Earlybird $750
After June 11 $850
$100 non-refundable deposit to save your spot paid to Lynette or Ivy Yoga House