Jackie started practicing Yoga in 2012 at World Gym in Saskatoon with Vincent Lu and instantly fell in love with it. After 6 months of practicing, Vincent opened his studio. She didn’t have the financial means to purchase another gym membership, so she had to stop. She was looking for other ways to be active and started doing triathlons. From not being able to run for 1 minute to finishing her first Ironman (3.9km swim, 180km bike, 42.2km run) in 2017 was a huge accomplishment! After the race was over, she felt lost. She had dedicated 5 years of her life for this Ironman. Now that it was over she didn’t know what to do.


Remembering how much she loved yoga, she decided to go back. Her mind got used to being on the go all the time that she forgot how to relax and be still. Jackie admits Yoga has helped balance her mental state, while building strength and increasing mobility. Realizing how beneficial it is, in 2019, she decided to become a Yoga instructor. The more she learns about yoga, the more she realizes anyone from any walk of life can benefit from Yoga.


Jackie so beautifully adds, “We are all busy with our lives. We forget to take time to take care of our bodies and our mind. We forgot how to listen to our bodies. Yoga is a practice for the body and the mind. It increases our strength and mobility while calming the mind. I believe everyone can practice Yoga. My goal is to share the benefits of Yoga in a safe and inclusive environment while having a bit of fun!”


When Jackie’s not on the mat or training for a triathlon, you will find her watching a documentary, reading non-fiction books, and heading to the mountains