Catie is a Registered Yoga Teacher with training in Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. She began practicing yoga in 2013 and completed training to teach yoga in 2018. She has since received Yin Training from Nicole Golden in 2019 and Vincent Lu in 2021.

She designs her classes to give you space to experience how the physical body moves and breathes within each posture, as well as the time to transition in-between postures with intention. You can expect a slow & deeply meditative practice where you’ll be encouraged to tune-in with your physical, emotional & spiritual bodies.

Catie is incredibly grateful for each training, student, class, and experience that brings new perspectives and challenges to the development of her teaching style & intuition. Yoga has a soft spot in her soul and she is dedicated to continue to learn and grow in her personal practice and her teaching abilities with her students.