"The way you accept Ashtanga yoga is the way you will accept other outside challenges in life" - Rory Trollen

Sometimes referred to as Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, this is a style of yoga that was developed by T. Krishnamacharya who then passed it onto his student Sri K Pattabhi Jois in the 20th Century. This practice has since been handed down to thousands of students around the world. The approach is based on specialized sequencing of postures and focused breath technique.

Sequences/Series– Ashtanga yoga is made up of a number of series;

  • Primary Series
  • Intermediate Series
  • Advanced Series

Intro to Ashtanga Class  Thursday 6:45 – Intro to Ashtanga class is a 75-minute class on Thursday evening.  Rebecca will introduce you to some of the foundations inherent within the Ashtanga Yoga system including movement with breath, concentration, and postures or “Asanas” that originate from a traditional Ashtanga practice.

Cancelled for the summer – Instructor-Led Primary Series Class – First Saturday each month 7am – 9am

This 2-hour led Primary Series class will follow the traditional Ashtanga yoga primary series led class. If you have a familiarity of Ashtanga Primary Series but are not quite ready for Mysore self practice, this once-a-month lead primary series class is for you!  You will receive instruction just as the previous Saturday morning Primary Series classes have been lead.

Cancelled for the summer – Mysore Primary Series Class –  Remaining Saturdays 7am-9am

This is a time for building and growing your own Ashtanga Primary Series practice.  This will be a new concept for many of you, but many of you have been practicing with and learning from Rebecca for 2 years.  You are not expected to have the full Primary Series memorized when you arrive.  Come with a knowledge of the outline of the Primary Series and a willingness to push yourself outside your comfort zone to learn and grow!

Rebecca will guide individuals, as needed, on how to approach their self practice and add on postures as appropriate.  She will be available for one on one guidance, assistance and instruction as needed, including cues for time management and helping cue postures that come next in the sequence.

Classes on the schedule will appear as “Instructor-Led Primary Series”  or “Mysore – Primary Series” on Saturday mornings 7am-9am.

Alongside instruction and guidance, a very important part of Mysore practice is hands-on adjustments.  These adjustments done by Rebecca help students with alignment and also help to progress deeper into postures that would be unavailable without the assistance.  Rebecca has extensive training in providing safe adjustments in postures but this is not a requirement of your practice.  We will have cards for you to place in front of your mat that say YES/NO.  Simply place the card face up on Yes to consent to adjustments or No to decline adjustments.

If you have never practiced Ashtanga yoga before, the Mysore class is not an appropriate starting point, please attend one of Rebecca’s Intro to Ashtanga on Thursday evenings to get some basic knowledge and experience in the poses, sequencing, breathing and concentration that makes up this practice.