Yuby originates from beautiful Chile.  Her yoga practice began as a way to improve her physical health after a car accident but soon grew into much more.  She found yoga had many more benefits to offer and wished to share those benefits with others.  She has been teaching yoga since 2010.

She truly believes  the physical condition of an individual should not exclude them from yoga, it is accessible to all with proper instruction and personal awareness.  For this reason, Yuby loves teaching yoga to beginners and people with special health concerns/needs.

Yuby has a passion for teaching yoga to kids as well.  She has been a part of “Vinyasa Yoga for Youth” for a number of years and is currently a senior instructor, bringing her skills and knowledge to many children in schools throughout the city

From Power Vinyasa to Restorative, Yuby is skilled and experienced in teaching it all.  She’ll often incorporate more than one style of yoga in her classes, maybe starting with a Vinyasa Flow and ending with some Yin poses.  She feels some days you need Power Flow and other days, Restorative, it’s a balance.