Many studios have different etiquette and expectations for a number of different reasons. The following is simply what you can expect walking into Ivy Yoga House.

Signing up (required): There are a few ways you can sign into a class ahead of time;

  • Ivy Yoga House App – download to your smart device from the app store (Coming soon!)
  • Ivy Yoga House Website – Class Schedule tab (Coming soon!)
  • Mindbody App – search for Ivy Yoga House (Coming soon!)
  • Call or text (306) 281-2552

There are a set number of spots in regular weekly classes. Online sign up is required ahead of time to ensure there is enough space for each member. There is a 3-person waitlist as well. If, when you sign up, the class is full, up to three members will be placed on the waitlist. You will receive an email notifying you if/when a spot becomes available for you.

The studio doors will be open 30 minutes prior to each class, please arrive at least 10-15 minutes prior to class. An instructor or two will be at the front desk to greet you when you arrive. They will ask your name and check you in. The front door will be locked once the class starts, there will be no late entry into any classes. Bring your belongings with you into the yoga room (besides your shoes, remove those at the door, please). There is shelving in the yoga room with numbered cubbies for each person’s belongings. *Please turn all smart devices, phones and watches, off, to airplane mode, or sleep mode prior to placing them in a cubby with your belongings! Turning your device to vibrate is not acceptable, it must be off so it does not disturb the class at any time.

There will be a couple of mats on the floor to guide you to where to place yours, facing the windows (East for those who like specific directions). There will be four shelves in the yoga room with props, blocks, straps, etc. There will be a chalkboard at the front of the room, if there are props required for the class, the instructor will write the list on the board. They may also just mention it as you are checked in at the front desk. As you attend more classes, you may determine on your own what blocks/props work for you and you can go ahead and grab whatever you’d like.

There are three wheelchair accessible, unisex washrooms available with a shower in one of the washrooms for members’ use.

Once you are checked in and set up, you can do pretty much whatever you’d like prior to class starting. You may choose to sit or lay on your mat and stretch a bit, you might want to catch up with friends or familiar faces, you may want to lay still on your mat with your eyes closed and begin quieting the mind and resting the body in preparation for the class. If you see someone resting quietly, and you’ve chosen to visit, please be respectful and keep the visiting to a whisper, one day it might be you wanting that quiet space to rest before class.

Most, if not all, classes will end with Savasana, the final resting pose, corpse pose. It’s simply lying on your back on your mat for however many minutes your instructor has planned. It is often suggested that savasana be a minimum of 7 minutes, but may only be 2-3 minutes, depending on the instructor, the flow of the class, etc. Your instructor will guide you into this pose just the same as any other pose, helping to relax the body and quiet the mind, if you choose. This has been said to be one of the most difficult poses, lying in stillness, quieting the busy human brain. We ask that you stay for all savasanas, it is not optional unless there is an emergent reason why you must leave prior to the start of savasana. Your instructor will either guide you back to a seated position to close the class, or may leave you in savasana, close the class, and exit the room allowing you to get up and exit when you choose. This will be explained each class.