You will have many opportunities to meet and practice with Sara in the morning, afternoon and evening!

Sara began practicing yoga in 2009 and began her teaching journey in 2012. She has completed her 200 hour Training with One Yoga and her 75 hour Vinyasa Yoga for Youth Training. She also done immersions with Svrivatsa Ramaswami (Vinyasa Krama) and Nicole Golden (Yin Yoga). 

She finds inspiration in how her teachers, community, family, and friends bring love into the world around them and encourage growth in everyone that they meet.

Sara creates a safe space for all her students to explore their yoga practice. In her vinyasa classes you can expect to sweat, laugh, and discover new space in your
postures as she guides you from her authentic, grounded personal experiences.  Often her vinyasa classes are accompanied by thoughtful playlist as Sara believes
that music can speak to us on a spiritual level.

In her Emotional Balance classes you will be given the tools to explore your
patterns, thoughts, and feelings so that you can begin to shift them towards a more balanced state. These classes provide students with the ability to take their practice from their mat and feel the benefits of yoga in their day to day lives.

Yoga is self care and self care isn’t selfish.