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We are unable to accept walk-ins at this time, our classes will be capped at 9 people so everyone must sign in online or contact Jen @ (306) 281-2552 to sign up.

Our Reopening Plans!
We plan to reopen for business June 8th!

Some changes you can expect to see;

1. All classes will be limited to 9 people
Everyone will need to sign up online or in our Ivy Yoga House app to save your spot. We do not have room for walk ins. We will announce a specific date and time to expect signups to start closer to June 8th.

2. Try to bring your own yoga mat
We still have mats for free use but for the next month or two, we encourage you to bring your own.

3. No shower available
Showers are not allowed in this phase. We are closing that one bathroom completely to give us time to clean the other two bathrooms and limit traffic in that area. There are still two wheelchair accessible bathrooms available.

4. Limited props
We will be removing some props. We will still have big bolsters with pillow cases and blankets to cover them. All pillow cases and blankets will be laundered after each use.

5. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 5pm classes have been canceled
These three classes, despite their varied class types and instructors, have not been successful. We decided to cancel them for the summer and will reevaluate in the fall. This gives us financial breathing room to add three new class times where we see a need as we move forward.

Stay tuned for more info in the coming weeks!
CLICK HERE for access to our library. You can log in with your IVY YOGA HOUSE login information or create a Mindbody account with us for free access.

Library currently includes:
60-minute Yin class with Jen & Kristi
75-minute Intro to Ashtanga with Rebecca
5 short videos/demonstrations of individual Yin poses to create your own class

We had the pleasure of a photo shoot at Ivy Yoga House with Molly Schikosky in December. Here are some of the beautiful photos she captured. (Missing Team Member: Adrianne Vangool)


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